Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some of the lessons I learn recently...

Its been so long since i last blog. Looking back at my last few posts, now I'll say "damn son, why am I so emo and desperate last time?"

Now Im glad Im a stronger person. Those sad things happened to me to make me stronger.
But of course, if u stay feeling down and beaten because of what happened. U won't learn at all. U might say, "Ah, I experienced those. Life is not kind. What can I do?" Yea so u experienced those but so what? U must get back up on both of ur feet and learn from ur loss. Don't ever give up. Else when the next time u meet the same problem, u will just surrender before u even try.

An once really close girl friend of mine has changed so much from the first time i knew her. True that people change but! Its ok if change for the better. She just turn worse. Haven't been in contact with her for years but according to what I heard, she's changed like more than 720 degree change! Its quite twisted. I feel sad for her but I couldn't do anything for her. Its her life and only she herself can help her.

One must stay optimistic when something bad happened to them. True, it might traumatize them or not. But hey, u survived through it and u should learn to be strong when facing the same problem next time. U will know what to do and handle the outcome of the problem. Fear is another thing. Fear is always there. Fear can be conquered. Isolate ur fears, determine what appropriate action to take. Action cures fear! Try it.

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